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Simple task tracking for film makers

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Attract was developed during the production of Tears of Steel and since then has been slowly improving to serve as a decent GTD application for CG/VFX movie makers. With Attract you can keep track of the shots of your production, group them in scenes, assign them to users and generate some useful stats about how many seconds of the film are complete or in progress.

Attract homepage


In order to use and install Attract you need to satisfy some basic requirements:

I'm trying to make it possible to use also sqlite as a database, but I don't know how deal with foreign keys. Any help is appreciated!


As a first step download the latest version of Attract by picking up either the zip or tar.gz archive. Then copy it in a proper location where it's accessible to the Apache web server and set it up so that the Apache Root point to the attract folder.

Install and Configure

Once this is done visit the localhost domain with the browser, and get informed that Attract is not installed (missing db.php file). Click on the link go get redirected to the install page. In order to install Attract successfully you should have a database called attract in you MySQL.

First steps

When starting with a new project there are a couple of thing to keep in mind. Click on the Manage button and do the following operations:

Authors and Contributors

Attract was originally developed by Francesco Siddi (@fsiddi). Any contributor willing to help out and improve the software is welcome!


Attract is release under the GPL2 License. You are welcome to write about any use case!

Support or Contact

Having trouble with Attract? Check out the issue tracker on GitHub. At moment the software is quite usable but far from optimized, so if you have suggestions or find any issue let me know!